Adversary Street Tough

Street Tough

Brawn: 3, Agility: 2, Intellect: 2, Cunning: 2, Willpower: 1, Presence: 1
Soak Value: 4
Wound Threshold: 5
M/R Defense: 0 / 0

Skills (Group Only): Melee, Ranged (Heavy) or Ranged (Light), Skullduggery
Talents: None
Abilities: None

Blaster Pistol Ranged (Light), Damage: 6, Critical: 3, Range (Medium), Stun Setting, or
Slugthrower Rifle Ranged (Heavy), Damage: 7, Critical 5, Range (Medium), Cumbersome 2,
Truncheon Melee, Damage: 5, Critical: 5, Range (Engaged), Disorient 2
Heavy Clothing +1 Soak

In cities across the galaxy, there are any number of petty criminals, from pickpockets and back-alley spice dealers to muggers and murderers. Discontent with the notion of earning an honest wage, these street toughs instead prefer to survive on whatever they can take from passers-by, preferably in the form of credits or small, easily liquidated electronic goods like datapads and comlinks. Street toughs occasionally work as individuals, if they possess sufficient skill, but more often work in small gangs so that they can cooperatively locate and target the best marks.

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Adversary Street Tough

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