A multitude of creatures can be found across the galaxy. While some species remain unique to their homeworld, others are seen far and wide, serving as pets, gladiatorial opponents or working animals. The following species are more interesting examples.
Stalking Acklay (Nemesis)
Jakobeast (Minion)
Jubba Bird (Rival)
Kaaten (Rival)
Kouhun (Minion)
Maalraa (Rival)
Mature Tusk Cat (Rival)
Vornskr (Rival)
Ysalamir (Minion)

Galactic Underworld
Even a galaxy held in the iron fist of tyranny has its dark corners, and in those shadowy places, the underworld thrives. Every spaceport hosts conniving small-time hoods, while organized crime is so successful that the upper echelons of the Black Sun Syndicate live and work much like “legitimate” corporate plutocrats. Smuggling, slavery and the spice trade make up a black-market economy that some say rivals the legitimate business of the Empire in scope.
Con Artist (Rival)
Guilded Bounty Hunter (Rival)
Hutt Slave Dealer (Nemesis)
Spice Pusher (Rival)
Street Tough (Minion)

Rim Worlders
For Core Worlders, the very mention of the Rim conjures up visions of lawlessness and danger. The idea that the Rim is nothing but a wild frontier is not wholly true. Still, there are plenty of freebooters, smugglers, adventurers and ne’er do wells populating the fringes. For every Imperial or corporate-run world in the Rim, there are a dozen backwater planets rife with opportunity and risk for those who dare face the many dangerous denizens that make the far reaches of the galaxy their home.
Big Game Hunter (Nemesis)
Bith Musician (Minion)
Hyperlane Scout (Rival)
Planetary Defense Troop (Minion)
Podracer Pilot (Rival)
Provincial Law Enforcement Officer (Minion)
Gand Findsman (Rival)
Toydarian Merchant (Rival)
Ugnaught Mechanic (Minion)



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